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Homes with Acreage

Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by wide open space. It might seem hard to find a home with acreage in the Baltimore metro area, but you have more options than you might think. There are plenty of benefits to buying a property that has room to roam...and the possibilities really are endless. Start your own farm, grow your own food, have some outdoor fun, or just relax—it's all up to you.

Ready to explore the area's best homes that just happen to be surrounded by acres of land? Here are a few of our top picks to get you started.

Homes with Acreage in Harford & Baltimore Counties


Why Buy a Home with Acreage?


Tons of Open Space

One of the biggest perks of buying a home with a few acres is, well, the space! There's nothing better than relaxing in the serenity of nature, and you can do whatever you want on your own land.


Plenty of Privacy

Tired of dealing with nosey neighbors? When you live on a property with plenty of acreage, you won't have to worry about seeing anyone...that is, unless you really want to!


Endless Recreation

Do you love to hunt, ride horses, fish, or hike? Having a little extra property around you means you can take advantage of all the activities you love, all without leaving the comfort of home.


Amazing Opportunities

If you've always dreamed of starting a farm or growing your own food, living on a home with some acreage is the perfect place to start. You'll have plenty of space to live off the land or raise livestock.

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Mortgage Benefits

Did you know that buying a home with a few acres of land gives you some pretty unique mortgage opportunities? Some rural buyers can take advantage of USDA loans, as well as micro loans and FSA farm loans.

Your Perfect Home Awaits...

If you're on the hunt for some wide open space in Harford County & Baltimore County, then it's time to contact the Lee Tessier Team. We have years of experience in real estate, and we're always keeping up with new properties as soon as they hit the market! If you're ready to get started, give our team a call today.

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