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Meet Our Secret Weapon

Experience Your Home in 3D

Matterport captures every detail of your home to create a fun and interactive 3D model in 3 easy steps. Take a look at how we will use our Matterport to showcase your home when you list with the Lee Tessier Team.

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The Process

The 3D Camera

Our 3D Camera is a large productivity tool we use for our listing photos. This allows potential clients to have a fun and user friendly experience.

The Presentation

Immersive 3D Models

The camera automatically produces high-quality immersive 3D models in any given space that capture the colors, contours, and floor plan of a house while calculating dimensions and spatial relationships between objects and various floors of houses.

The Results

Easy to Use

While it may be technologically advanced, it is still easy for anyone to use and view! When viewing the listing, all you have to do is click to “walk” through the floor plan, and drag to see a 360 degree view of the space. Experience it for yourself below!

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